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The Party of Principle

We can be for the people or we can ignore the people. It is the right time for elected officials to be for the people who elect them to public office. To do this, there is need to be plain, purposeful and loyal. How do you as citizens require this? You start with electing individuals who have principles that are tied to basic character traits such as; trustworthiness; honesty; resourcefulness, and responsiveness. My character traits are consistent with family values and the Libertarian Party. Our future will always be measured by what we have done and by what we are doing. Please join me as I seek to represent the values that will bring honor and respect to South Carolina Office of the Governor. I have addressed Ten High Priority Issues that are the most pressing on a list of issues that I have come to understand from South Carolinians. Please read them below, and I am available to respond to your inquiries.

My Vision

What I Will Fight For

Voting Rights and Elections

Voting in America is a US Constitutional Right. There should be accountability built into all election processes from registration to voting.

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Early and Pre-Kindergarten Education, Broadband Internet and School Choice

Education is what has contributed to the development of our nation. Our nation’s past regarding equal opportunity to education for all has been devastating to some, especially to African Americans.

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Adequate and Comprehensive Healthcare

Healthcare is fundamental to participate in any society, much more America. Education can create opportunities for better health.

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Affordable Housing

The price of homes has reached prices unprecedented. Living in a safe and stable environment are so essential to family and community that without the same, major problems will result.

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13 April, 2022

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13 April, 2022

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